Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Recap

2011 was a very hard year in the Lenox household. HOWEVER, luckily a lot of it did not have to do with my career so I can't complain about that.

The first EmiTown book did better in sales than I could have ever imagined it would. EmiTown for the most part was well praised which is a huge relief! It has taught me a lot about the industry and even is making me think about what to do next. I want to continue EmiTown but I want to experiment and try something different and I've already been making notes to do so. SO EXCITED.

My guest pages for Madman and Sweet Tooth were also released earlier this year and as far as I know, it was received okay. Not that that really matters, I'm just happy to have had the opportunity to work with the Allreds and Jeff Lemire.

The conventions were awesome. This was my first year having an actual book to sell at my table and I met some pretty awesome people as well.

EmiTown 2 was completed at the end of December and will be released in early 2012. I think that is pretty good accomplishment for 2011. That's about 400 pages of art right there. *pats back*

Had my first art show at a nearby coffeeshop and sold 4 pieces!

Successfully participated in 24hr Comics Day.

I also got a job as a server at a bar. I need to make some papers!

I finally lost my last baby tooth. Yes. It's true.

Despite all the ups and downs we all face in life, I'm still pretty proud and feeling good about where I am today. I learned a lot from the pitfalls and feel I may have leveled up several times in 2011! That's awesome.

So 2012.

- I made it into the Monsters & Dames book for ECCC '12!
- EmiTown 2 should be released early in the year
- I will be starting on a project with novelist Pamela Ribon for Oni Press
- Will be on a Graphic Novel Panel for the Graphics Artist Guild in Seattle January 28.
- Speaking to high school kids about a career in comics in Jan. too!
- ECCC, Stumptown, maybe TCAF, maybe SDCC.


- Maintain my wonderful friendships
- Start a new personal comic project
- Market the shit out of EmiTown 2
- Level up at least 3 times this year
- Be the best Emi I can be
- Become financially stable
- Level up in artistic skill
- Maybe another art show? (of watercolor illustrations)

Alright, Emi. JUMP TO IT. 2012 is gonna be aces. I just know it.


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  1. Congratulations on an excellent 2011, and all the best to you in 2012. And get rid of that "maybe" besides TCAF :)