Sunday, January 2, 2011


So I have been feeling the need to write an "End of 2010" reflection post. A lot has happened this past year and to be honest, it makes me fear that it can't get better than this. But that's silly, huh? I mean I'm only 27 and I seriously doubt that the best year of my life has already flown by.


2010 definitely seemed to be my comic career building year. If anything it has created the foundation for me to really go for it. It was in March that I had my first ever convention table at Seattle's Emerald City Comic Con. It was there that I had shared my work (which was printed thanks to my supporting readers and friends!) and met Image who later in the year published EmiTown. I also tabled at Stumptown Comics Fest here in Portland in April.

Also during 2010, I had done an 8 pager for Mike and Laura Allred's next Madman special and a 4 pager for Jeff Lemire's Sweet Tooth, both due out sometime this

Most importantly, in December, I was laid off my full-time temp job. Trust me, this was a good good thing. I was working in a gray cubicle punching in semi-truck serial numbers all day. I have to say, even though it sucked working at a non-artistic job, I had a regular paycheck. But having to leave that place couldn't have happened at a better time. EmiTown was hitting the stores, I was getting some dollars from some other comic work which relieved some of the fear and stress that losing a job would create. Now I can truly focus!

I can't believe I'm where I'm at now. I do feel a lot of pressure to make sure to keep momentum and I hope I can do it! I know it will take hard work and dedication but now that I don't have a day job, I really have NOTHING holding me back!

Other awesome 2010 things:

- I have an awesome boyfriend
- I have an iphone!
- Attended my first signing for Wonder Woman Day '10

- Completed another 24hr comic
- My Monster's & Dames piece actually made it into the ECCC 2011 book!!
- Attended two Opera Sketch Nights!

Goals for 2011:

- Continue working on EmiTown
- Pitch an OGN idea
- Have regular comic work and survive being a freelancer
- go to on a train ride
- Table at ECCC, Stumptown, TCAF, APE, maybeeee SPX?



  1. hi, i just wanted to wish you the best for 2011...i just got your book and just found the two emitown minis that i bought at happy for this is kindof how i would imagine i would want things to go for myself...not in the exact way, but's wonderful to see something so wonderful happen to someone and it fills me with so much inspiration to "just go for it" the comic, and look forward to seeing the path you lay out for yourself...
    dylan canfield

  2. Hi Emi! I'm unsure you remember me but I met you at ECCC last year and bought 3 of your comics. I was the Japanese-Canadian girl that knew your name was Japanese and not a short form of Emily :) Anyhow, I just wanted to give you a high five on your 2010 and your upcoming 2011. I've been following your blog since coming across your charming comics and it's been great seeing you grow. Maybe I'll see you again at this year's ECCC. I ordered your book from Chapters back in October and I've been waiting for it ever since! I hope it comes in the mail soon! Sending you a HIGH FIVE from Vancouver BC! -Yumiko

  3. Emitown is a fantastic book. I hope the response was good enough that we'll get to see more volumes. Good luck in 2011.

  4. Hi, I'm a new fan and anxious to put away a few dollars to buy Emitown. I'm currently making my way through the Emitown archives and finding myself fully enthralled because . . . holy crapple you're the female version of me! the sticky notes, the budget worries, the fidgety emotions/thoughts, wishful superstitions, occassional dropped word in a rush to capture an idea/feeling. I'm really excited to become acquainted with your work! :)