Monday, April 12, 2010

I Birthed My Blog Today

I made this blog just so I can write about updates, inspirations, and things going on in life. Not everything can be crammed into a one page comic a day. Plus, I want to have a regular ol' blog where I can put whatever I want in it!

So for starters I want to talk about my awesome sketch group!

First there is Angie Wang whom I have known for many years from an online forum. I realized one day that she lived in Portland too! We got together and began infrequent sketch groups. Check her stuff out! She has some awesome big projects coming and I have no doubt this girl is gonna be a name to know!


Second is the wonderful Natalie Nourigat! Whom some call Tally but professionally I think she wants to be known as Natalie. She does amazing comics and her skills have been growing out of control! I was introduced to her by Jeff Parker last year at the Cosmic Monkey After Party (Stumptown Comics Fest weekend) because we both were interns at Periscope Studio (Not at the same time!). We were insta-friends! She is one to watch! She's full of awesome!

Tally Art
Between Gears

And here's an old something I never posted:




  1. This new blog has just added one more site to my circle of 'endless loop' sleep destroyers O_O

  2. This is me every single evening. The internet accounts for 50% of my social life and 100% of being distracted from anything I'm trying to do.

  3. Hahaha! The ironic thing too is that creating this particular blog kept me up until almost 1am!

  4. Hahaha me toooo. What did we ever do before the Internet?

  5. I think I will put this between Facebook and Twitter on my no-sleep internet playlist <3

  6. On that "old something you never posted"... Yeah right! right! ... I ask myself the same question every day! ... sigh ...